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In-Store Class/Club/Event Policy:
We ask for any in-store classes, clubs or events that you refrain from wearing fragrances for those that may have allergies.
Please bring basic kit to all Classes/Clubs/Events unless otherwise noted including:
scissors, adhesives, small ruler, personal trimmer, paper and pencil for notes

Cancellations of Class/Club/Event Attendance:
Classes/Clubs/Events requiring payments; cancellations up to 48 hours before class/club/event day receive full refunds.
Cancellations after 48 hours before class/club/event will receive credit towards future class/club/event held by the same teacher.

Returns are accepted with receipt up to 30 days after date of purchase of unused items and will receive exchange at same value or in-store credit.

Angel Policy:

Can Paper Parachute images be hand-stamped for resale or other commercial purposes?

Paper Parachute (applies to our own copyrighted products) is an Angel Company.
  • Our designs may be used on products for sale, as long as the images are entirely hand-stamped.
  • You may NOT just stamp an image on paper and sell that for others to use in a project.
  • You may NOT post a black and white line image on the internet or social media for others to print and use.
  • Images may NOT ever be mechanically, digitally, or electronically reproduced in any way.
Can I scan or photograph my projects made with Paper Parachute images?
  • You may scan or photograph your finished projects made with Paper Parachute products. 
  • You may place those projects on any website, blog, or internet forum.
  • Please use the appropriate copyright notice when possible  ©Paper Parachute.®
  • We would love it if you would tag us when you post your creations with @PaperParachute or #PaperParachute

What about image swaps, are they ok?

  • It depends. If you are getting together with a few, physical friends, and you are all bringing your stamps so that you can each stamp the ones you want to take home and color and create with, that would be ok.
  • You may NOT host swaps online or through the mail of stamped images. You may NOT post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or other internet platforms any images or offer to swap or mail any images in this way. This eliminates the need for people to buy stamps, and we sell stamps.
  • You may NOT ever sell stamped images, even if they are handstamped, for other people to use in place of purchasing a rubber stamp. This is especially prohibited, and these sites will be prosecuted for copyright violation. All images are copyrighted and are not permitted to be sold other than as rubber stamps.
  • You may NOT take our images and make your own stamps with them.
  • You may NOT use our images as digital art if you download them from the internet where they have been uploaded in violation of our copyrights.